Video Series Episode 8/30 - 5 Steps to Successfully LAUNCH YOUR PROPERTY!

Right, so you've purchased a new property and you're getting it ready for the market top to bottom. You want to be able to sell or let this bad boy as quick as you can, so I'm going to give you a 5 step, fool proof method of launching the property on to the market so that you have a successful back to back transaction lined up - purchase, refurb/redevelopment and exit, be it let or sale.

1. Grow the demand. It's out there, just make yourself visible. Nobody wants want they don't know about. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to take our floor plan and our vision for the property and we're going to get CGIs done in order to inspire your audience and to show them what you're all about.

2. Do a video of your CGI as well, have an artist do all this for you on a platform like or PPH. It will set you back £100. What will a week's void cost you? You are creating waves. You are creating a product that people would be proud of. …

Video Series 7/30 - How to Appraise a Buy to Let Property Investment

Well here it is, for those that want to see the numbercrunching and spreadsheet analysis!

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Video Series 6/30 - How chicken shops can help you identify a great investment area!

So what do chicken shops have to do with the price of fish??
Find out more in this video:

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Video Series - 5/30- Should I get an agent to manage my rental portfolio?

Another hot topic today - whether or not to get involved with management yourself...
Click here for the video:

Summary: 1. Are you letting by the room or are you letting as a whole? Generally letting by the room is much harder work, you're dealing with an infinitely higher number of variables and you have upteen times the work. Every time someone leaves you need to re-advertise for new tenants, go through the rigmarole of vetting and referencing and then by the time they move in the next person wants to move out. With a single let the tenancy term is anything from 6-36 months, but most people will sign up for a year and stay about two. ARLA reported significant increases in tenancy lengths over the last few years, so the trend for people that are living together to stay together longer is increasing. This is naturally a less prevalent trend with room lets because there is generally no baggage to tie them down.
2. How far away do you live from the property? Now this is a key one. …

Video Series 4/30 - How to choose an Agent to Sell or Let your Investment Property

Day 4 of the video series...
Thank you very much for the overwhelmingly positive response to my video series! Looks like video is really the medium of 2017, so here comes another one, this time I'll discuss the things to watch out for when choosing an agent. Remember to give me a thumbs up, comment or share to discuss your thoughts also.
So.... here comes 6 factors you should be looking at when deciding on an agent for your investment property!

1. Online or High street - It will come as no surprise that I will be for the old-fashioned High Street agent, having been one myself for nearly 15 years. Local agents have... local knowledge. They are trained to better standards (most of the time) and generally have a lot of experience in the field. Online agents generally only get paid to list and then forget about the listing, so you have to pay them and then pay an agent to do it properly. Exception to this is if you are an experienced landlord and don't mind doing your own viewings…

Video Series Day 3/30 - Photography!

Welcome to day 3 of my video series on investment tips to help get you better returns from your property developments and investments. Today’s video will focus on photography, so I’m going to give you 5 massive tips on how to get the best from your property in still picture format.
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Dress the property like you are living there, create that homely feel. Pictures up, scatter cushions tidy, curtains tied back, lots of light in there. Prep all the rooms. Toilet seat DOWN! If shower is wet squeegee it down, make it look fresh. Maybe a coloured towel and some ornaments on the sink? Discretion as can look cluttered, speaking of which make sure to take away shampoo bottles etc. Same for kitchen, toaster, kettle, microwave etc…Use a professional photographer or camera and do some editing, brighten up the photos, or if you want to you can outsource that to someone.Failing that: best angle is normally from the doorway. Try to get two walls in and remember that th…

Video Series Day 2/30 - Refurbs on the Cheap!

Thanks for all your positive comments from yesterday's episode. In case you missed it go back to it here - I talked about curb appeal. On to today's video:

Day 2: refurbs on the cheap. As you'll know I've been an estate agent for nearly 15 years before turning to property investment full-time. You will know I've seen my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly that the London PRS has to offer. In the video I offer my insight into what makes a refurb look "cheap" and how you can avoid being that "cheap" investor! After all everyone likes a bit of quality in their life and housing is no exception. Better returns are for those who go the extra mile.
So if you want to know where that magical price point lies click on to the video and have a look and listen as I talk real examples and show you pictures of the good, the bad and the ugly! I hope you find the video useful. Stand by for tomorrow's episode too, it's a topic very close to my h…