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Jeroen Hoppe is BACK!

    I’m back! Well it’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post so without further ado here we are - I’m making a comeback in property, namely estate agency. After having sold my estate agency business, XanderMatthew, in 2016 it’s been quite a journey! I first stuck in to buying high yielding properties. Well, they weren’t high-yielding to start with, but they had potential. If you remember I was able to add significant rental value to them by increasing the number of bedrooms (and therefore occupants) by moving the kitchen into the living room in most cases, adding up to 33% on to the rental figure. From 3beds to 4beds I found it didn’t necessarily impact the “per room” price.   This worked exceedingly well! As you may recall I had quite a number of these under my belt before people were asking me where I was sourcing these deals. Well, with agency contacts all over south London it wasn’t difficult to come by these kinds of deals, in fact I had so many offered to me I ran out of