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What can landlords and investors do in times of (Corona) crisis?

Wow, just wow. That’s the feeling I have at the moment. The world, not just the UK, has been taken by storm. Such incredible, drastic measures have never been seen before, with everywhere I look trade has been affected. Restaurants, bars, places of worship; everything has been forced to close and people are banished to their homes en masse. It’s for good reason that I’ve not spoken out as yet, I’m still taking it all in - and the letting landscape is changing on an hourly basis! What does this mean for you as a landlord? Financial - Well, for starters your tenants’ employment may be affected. Do they still have a job? Will they be able to pay their rent? I for one have sent out my sympathy to all tenants and asked to reach out in confidence if they have been affected, this to preempt any cash flow issues when mortgages need to be paid. To further preempt I have asked all my mortgage lenders for a payment holiday just in case I will need it further down the line, this to buffer my ca

I've been robbed, and this is what I'm doing about it!

My hatred for energy companies has been reignited. So much so I did a video about it... If you're just as fed up of being ripped off as I am then sign up through this link. Try Bulb, I've switched all my properties to them! If you sign up through this link you get £50 credit on your first bill too; in fact we both get £50 so it's a win/win! I hope you enjoy my content. If you are looking to dive in to the wonderful world of property investing then do reach out to me via emai l or get in touch via my social media channels. I offer coaching, mentoring and more so be sure to check out my website for more information on what I can do to help you.

220,000 less landlords in the PRS 😱😱😱

Hamptons claims there are over 220,000 less landlords in the PRS due to the impact of policy changes. So what does that mean...? For those of you that read my 30%APR Store card story you will know exactly what I’m on about. It’s been popular for a few years now to bash “evil, fatcat, money-grabbing” landlords. The powers that be have cottoned on to this and, targeting the younger voters, responded with tax increases, increased regulation and generally landlords got a negative vibe from Parliament, this probably to promote the widespread idea that homeownership is a must for most. Shame!  What has happened is exactly as predicted really. Younger voters are keen because hey, who wouldn’t want a stab at the people who you’re paying this rent to, right? The attack on the PRS has left many a battle scar, but before I go into that I would like to take a moment and thank the government for the Help to Buy system. Under this scheme the government will loan a substantial chunk of t

I don't care about your pretty pictures on Instagram!

There, I've said it, I literally do not care. One iota. Well maybe just one, it's a pretty picture so it will look great on your instagram right?? Wrong. (Prefer video? --> ) What looks good to a property person is numbers. Cold hard cash is what gets me going. Don't get me wrong, I love the excitement of a new project. I love seeing it all come together. And yes I have a loving relationship with interior design trends which I like to incorporate just like the next person. In this day and age sex sells, and sexy pictures get likes. Attractive pictures of amazing co-living spaces are very nice to look at and do well on ye old facebook, linkedin and instagram feeds for sure! But does that make a good developer? Maybe you shouldn't be looking to JV with those that are posting great pictures on social media sites without having a good look at their spreadsheets first. You see, spreadsheets and numbers, that's what it all