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Will the confidence continue in the Clapham Property Market?

I was interviewed by Brendan Quinn recently for his podcast and my sentiment is clear. The market is still strong and there is no holding back the buyers at recent auctions (auctions are always a good indicator of investor sentiment). So much so that some sellers have been upping their reserves to a level that could not be met. I think the days of achieving 50% over the guide are gone, so auctioneers are wise to set the reserves competitively and let the buyers decide the price. I note that some London auctions have had a fair few unsold where the expectations were too high; I believe this is due to a shift in demand for certain types of properties. Click here to listen to the podcast I had carried out due diligence for several clients on recent lots and they decided not to buy at the prices that they were going for as it didn't fit in with their particular strategy (buy to sell). Judging by the fact that the properties still sold they certainly were fit for those optin