Monday 14 August 2017

Video Series Episode 8/30 - 5 Steps to Successfully LAUNCH YOUR PROPERTY!

Right, so you've purchased a new property and you're getting it ready for the market top to bottom. You want to be able to sell or let this bad boy as quick as you can, so I'm going to give you a 5 step, fool proof method of launching the property on to the market so that you have a successful back to back transaction lined up - purchase, refurb/redevelopment and exit, be it let or sale.

1. Grow the demand. It's out there, just make yourself visible. Nobody wants want they don't know about. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to take our floor plan and our vision for the property and we're going to get CGIs done in order to inspire your audience and to show them what you're all about.

2. Do a video of your CGI as well, have an artist do all this for you on a platform like or PPH. It will set you back £100. What will a week's void cost you? You are creating waves. You are creating a product that people would be proud of. How can someone show their friend their house down the pub? With these amazing CGIs that's how! People want to show off their latest purchase don't they? They want to show off your (maybe now their) property!

3. Start talking about the property with local agents once you've done the CGIs. They will have people in mind already, whether they are making it up to get your business or not. The good ones will already be matching applicants in their head! The best thing is when you get THEM hooked on your product and they start offering you "one-off" viewings without signing a contract... you know they're serious about getting a buyer/tenant in there with no commitment from you at that point, a WIN for you!

4. Take the marketing material you've collated yourself, picture, videos, a lovely breakdown of all the love, blood sweat and tears you put into the project and make your own marketing brochure. Even go as far as to make your own website for the development or refurbishment if you really want to go all out!

5. Turn your launch day into an event. You will have already created SO MUCH DEMAND by all of the above that success at a big launch day is inevitable. The agents have been talking to applicants already. Your fellow investors may even have mentioned it to their friends, family, tenants even. You will have an abundance of activity on the launch day, all the more reason for people to commit on the day!

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