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Do you want to be involved with more property transactions in Brixton and Clapham in 2016? Get yourself down to PIN!

So... what are your plans for the New Year? Let's save the Merry Christmases, promises to all to hit the gym and eat less pies for another day. Let's talk property. Whether you are looking for JV partners, deal sourcers to find your next deal or a broker to speak to regarding creative finance strategies - just come down to the next Property Investor Network meeting in Wimbledon. I'll be there giving the monthly lettings update and I can introduce you to some colleagues whose experience you may benefit from. The venue is: Antoinette Hotel Wimbledon 249-263 The Broadway Wimbledon London SW19 1SD Come down and we'll talk property, strategy and about your pending success for 2016. But remember, the first step is yours. I have thousands of readers and I've only seen a handful of you at the PIN. So if you are serious about making some gains in property in the New Year let's agree to meet down in Wimbledon first Tuesday of the New Year. Make sure

Changes in 2015 and 2016 that will affect your property investment in Clapham, Brixton and surrounds

Well it's certainly been an eventful year. We've seen a lot of regulatory and taxation changes - we're already seen the results of these in the form of panicked twittering and facebookerings.  2016 will be no different I'm sure! So what is causing such a commotion? Well property investors are up in arms about a few things recently, some good, some bad. Let's have a quick reminder of the changes in the recent past, along with announcements for 2016. Deregulation Act 2015 This covered a few things, but here are the highlights You can't serve S21 if: there are outstanding repairs you are sooner than 4 months into a tenancy the deposit isn't protected you haven't served the tenant with a "how to rent" booklet you haven't given the tenant a valid gas safety cert or EPC You don't need to re-serve the Prescribed information to the tenant(s) upon renewal From 1st April 2016: Energy efficiency: Compulsory for