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Is now a good time to inspect your property in Clapham and Brixton?

Property inspections are certainly one of the less talked-about areas of property investment. After all, it's not as exciting as buying something cheap, developing a property or that buzz when a tenant or buyer is found. Nonetheless it remains an important part of your investment strategy. Why is that? Well, like with any investment, you will need to look after your bricks and mortar. As human beings we all have different standards as to what is acceptable, and given the fact that tenants are likely not to look after the property as you would (possibly worse but possibly better too, bonus!). Quite simply put, as an experienced property investor/homeowner you will be very experienced in the "obvious" things. Not to dry loads of washing inside with the heating off and no ventilation is likely to result in moisture buildup in the house for instance. You know this. Your tenants may know this, they may not! An inspection will tell you how the house is being treated, from m

Announcing a bigger and better deal for your rentals and sales in Brixton and Clapham

I have been contemplating a move towards a different side of the property industry for some time now, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m now realising my ambitions. In a bold move, rather than selling up to some faceless corporate with many layers of hierarchy, I have struck a strategic partnership with independent estate agents Beresford Residential . Going forward all of the marketing and administration will be done by their excellently trained, ARLA qualified staff which in turn frees up my time in order to source you valuable investments.  Click here to be redirected to the press release page The move will also mean that our clients benefit from the added marketing exposure as a result of Beresford Residential's branch network, with access to staff from three branches and a vastly bigger database of tenants and buyers, allowing us to bring what matters most to our clients: the best results in the shortest possible time. Having been in estate