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Video 12/30 - When Should I take Out a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Well, in a word, never! If you want to know my full reasoning then click below to watch the video! I hope you found that useful! My name is Jeroen Hoppe, professional property investor. If you want to know more about investing in South London where I've lived and worked for nearly 15 years then drop me a line on or come and meet me in person at the Clapham Property meet. Remember to like and share this video if you found it useful! See you next time!

So you have £50k. Here's 3 ways you can invest that in property! Video 11/30

So you have £50k? Great, let's get you started in property investing with these three ways. You don't necessarily need to have 6 figure sums to invest in property you know! Jeroen Hoppe, ex-estate agent and professional property investor. 15 years experience in the London property market. Do you want to invest in property lucratively? You need to start the conversation now. Excellent deals sourced, portfolios built and monies invested wisely for market leading returns. I'm not a sayer, I'm a doer. See my other articles for regular updates on my own projects. Interested in investing with me? Now is the best time to start the conversation!

Rental Property Version 2.0 and Fundraising Success! Peckham here we come!

You may have seen my recent posts on social media about fundraising for a new project. You'll be keen to know I've taken on another three acquisitions this month, all due to complete in the next 30 days! These three properties are all going to be fabulous high-quality homes for the private rental sector. In fact I'm so confident that the product I'm offering is so in demand that I am raising the standard with these. I'd like to call it version 2.0. Simply put, I am offering a higher quality of finish. Sadly my project at Camberwell was so closely planned that the tenants moved in moments after the builders had vacated; the earlier project in Deptford had a few weeks before the tenants moved in. Alas my excellent pre-completion marketing meant I had cut it too fine! Nonetheless I did manage to take a few shots of the new and improved colour schemes, and I must admit I was very pleased with the result - as were the tenants! I have included a CGI I had

Video Series 10/30 - 5 Ways to Differentiate an Amateur from a Professional Investor!

There are two breeds of investor/landlord out there, the amateur and the professional... Here's how to spot the difference! If you like this video please like, comment and share and join the Clapham Property Blog community on Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. If you prefer old fashioned email   just drop me a line  or come and meet me in person at the  Clapham Property Meet!