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Down To South London - Omer Mehmet's 8bed HMO

Omer Mehmet practices what he preaches, that's for sure! Not content on being an expert at mortgages he set up for himself and now runs a 16 man strong brokerage. Being the master of creative finance allows him to truly understand property investment and development. We dive further into his progress and talk about his 8bed HMO he's building.Click here to see the interview!

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Are you still banking on HMO yields with Vanilla Let investments?

I've recently been asked about my portfolio - when I started, why I continued, but most importantly what sort of yields I achieve.Firstly let me start by saying I hate gross yield as a yardstick for how good an investment performs. If you know me, you'll know that I always look at the return on capital employed, or how much money is left in the deal after refinance. You may however be getting an infinite return - if you've refinanced after several years of ownership and price rises you may have been able to borrow more than your initial outlay - this makes it even more tricky. A good friend of mine always compares the "net equity" - the amount of money you would have in your pocket when liquidating the asset, after all fees and taxes. He then looks at other things he could do with the money. Will it get a better return? He pushes the 'sell' button. Interesting, but I digress. Let's just stick to gross yield for now, the topic du jour.I have been in p…