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Short leases - danger or opportunity?

I have invested in leasehold properties primarily - an area I would like to think I know a fair bit about, yet we all find ourselves the student still in most parts of our lives. My learning experience was an expensive one when I tried to extend the lease on a property I bought at auction in 2017; the lease took 11 months to extend at a cost nearly double what I thought it was going to be! Sadly this is down to me simply taking a risk too great, and I ended up making very little money on this particular project. I should have risked less, but "you can't win them all" as they say so I used this as a learning experience and moved on. The other part of leaseholder woes is the excessive charges. Ridiculous charges for things like consents built in to the leases, blatant back hand agreements that Freeholder X uses managing agent Y to manage (and funnily enough the directors of both companies are one and the same), the list goes on...! A good friend of mine Stefania recentl