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When NOT to improve your property's energy efficiency!

There's a rule for everything, but as most entrepreneurs, I skirt around these (legally of course) to get the most out of things. An intended consequence of the governments energy efficiency drive (in particular to outlaw letting of properties that are rated F and below) was to get landlords to sell up.  A number of landlords will have thrown in the towel upon hearing that their property can't be brought up to an E rating, and joined those who are sick of the red tape, regulation and taxation surrounding buy-to-let. Fear not, for those die-hard buy to letters like myself there is a way around having to improve your property. The government has left the door open a crack, for those who are savvy enough to know about these things. Of course these exemptions are buried in the small print. Let's discuss when and how... There's 7 ways to get around having to improve your property you know!  High cost exemption -  The regulations deem it to be unreasonable to have to spend mo