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How to invest in property with £10,000

Exciting times As you'll know from previous posts property management is now at the forefront of my priorities. Long term lettings has always been on the radar, but this year Daniel and I have taken the plunge and started offering short-term letting services also. A great additional string to the proverbial bow. What have we done? We had taken on a few apartments in E14 (I know, it's not south of the river, but needs must) in order to test them on a short-letting basis. With us being outside of that locale it was key for us to partner up with a reliable person with ample experience to be on call for the day-to-day things: cleaning, check-ins, check-outs, ejecting party revellers and so forth. Thankfully our network is vast and we found the right person for the job! Once we secured the properties the keys were handed over, the properties prepped and listed on the sites ready for bookings. We have been running them for 6 months now and have had an average occupancy rat

The truth about HMOs - with Rod Turner

Another day, another podcast! Glad to welcome fellow investor and friend Rod Turner on to the #DownToSouthLondon podcast this time; we frankly discuss the ins and outs of HMO investing, in South London and beyond. Click here to listen to the podcast. I hope you enjoy the p odcast. As always,  If you are looking for help with your property investments please feel free to reach out to  me via email . Also, if you are interested in more information on property letting and investments   do head over to my youtube channel .