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The start of another project to maximise returns in South London

I did a short walk-through video of my latest purchase over in Deptford, I thought you may want to have a look to see how you could add value to your next rental property. I will be reconfiguring the layout ( much like my other project I'm running at the same time ), so turning the property from 4 bedrooms to 5, but retaining a good amount of living/kitchen space. Naturally this will be open-plan, but I would say it's not going to feel cramped, the living space will end up being L-shaped, 5 metres in length by 3 metres. So roughly speaking that's 5x3 for the living area and 3x3 for the kitchen, very generous. In fact I also own a studio flat with similar dimensions just to put that into perspective - that whole flat can fit into the living room of this one! I digress however.. Why? Well to maximise returns for rental you will have to increase a) the quality of the accommodation and b) you will have to increase the number of bedrooms. I can't very wel