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Excellent, a high yielding 3bed maisonette in Stockwell SW8/SW9 Borders

I came across this one this morning and it is absolutely beautiful. Financially of course. A three bedroom, split-level, maisonette in Stockwell. We have had similar properties in the past, which have achieved offers in excess of the asking price simply due to high yield. To see one available at this price is excellent, and certainly deserves attention at this price. With an asking price of £279,950 and an estimated rental of £450pw it works out to 8.4% gross yield at asking price. Interested yet? Remember if you are looking at this investment, or others, feel free to drop me a line either here on the blog or privately via email on or give me a ring on 020 3397 2099. You mean off the market, surely!

Rightmove and Zoopla and now.... Some of you may have heard about the latest brainchild of Agents' Mutual - a consortium of agents that got together with the idea of taking on the great portals - but most of you won't, and that’s my point. So what's happening? In essence a few agents have been disgruntled by the annual price hike that presents itself from the big 2 and decided to chance it on their own. Build their own website, do a TV campaign to attract the would-be buyers, job done, surely. Well if everyone thought like that about growing their own vegetables (much cheaper than the likes of Tesco surely) why isn't everyone doing it? For a start the investment required runs into the millions of pounds. They won't see these "savings" for some years to come to say the least. Secondly, the success of any agency big or small hangs on its ability to shift houses. With less exposure on their properties (this new portal cannot poss

Another great investment property!

Well, Christmas out of the way and it’s back on the investment bandwagon! I hope everyone had a welcome break. It certainly looks like the December blues are gone in the London property market and there are some lovely properties to be had. I came across this particular one with Andrews the other day and I must say it is a charming flat. We have let before in Chalmer’s House and can assure despite it’s rather typical 1930s Art-Deco looks it boasts a host of other things. Rooms are spacious and there is a gym and a roof terrace for residents to enjoy. A lovely property to live in and hence popular with tenants, despite being a little further from Clapham Junction than one would like. Appealing to a slightly more mature tenant who can appreciate better value slightly further from the station this one is sound to attract a good quality tenant. Estimated rental income £350-£375pw, making this one yield 4.9%-5.2% gross at asking price. Not the highest yield in the world, granted, but l