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Are you coming to the Property Investment Masterclass Tuesday night? Accelerate your knowledge to invest in Clapham and Brixton

Property Masterclass - investment special! - Tuesday 26th January 8pm-10pm Come and learn all about real investors and how they buy property, using finance, their own money or other people's money! Good line up as usual. FREE as usual and some refreshments WINE for the brave non-conformist types.... Urban Village 121 Denmark Hill SE5 8EN - near kings college hospital and Denmark Hill station Tuesday 26th January '16 8-10pm Here's the lineup:   Paul Simms explains some advanced techniques for purchasing properties - including strategies to obtain 100% financing and ways to avoid new stamp duty increases. Paul has been investing and developing property since 2013 and has built a large HMO and development portfolio without having to use his own funds or give up his day job. m

Mass exodus of Buy To Let landlords in Clapham & Brixton - glad you're not joining the masses!

Another day and another paper. And another articles which spells out DOOM and GLOOM for the housing sector. This time it's a "woe is me" for buy to let investors. Increased taxation, stamp duty surcharges and so on and so on. There's no money in Buy to Let if you read (and believe) all the journalists have to offer. I can't comment on the brilliance (or perhaps lack of) of the journalism itself, I certainly beg to differ. Many of my savvier client landlords are currently rushing into the market with enthusiasm. Speaking to one of my bigger clients he exclaimed "I'm completing on two this week, find me another two, quick, before 1st April!" He's not alone. If you read the article you'll see that many investors are rushing to get their savings; after all a deal will have to be 3% better in a few months for it to be worth the same to an investor. A pus

Another property meeting in Southwest London!

As you may well know I am a regular at the Wimbledon Property Investor Network meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. I have been asked by a good friend of mine who is looking to invest in property whether it would be worthwhile hosting another meeting for those who live slightly further afield. My answer was of course a resounding yes! I know all too many readers who have over the years moved out of "the big smoke" and find it slightly trickier to meet up in (central-ish) London to network with fellow investors. Always seizing the opportunity my good friend Mark Bracken-Loughnane  has put together the Hampton & Kingston Property Society meeting on Monday 18 January . Great news for all those that would like to meet like-minded individuals in a sales-pitch free environment. 6:30 - 7pm Registration and networking. 7 - 7:15 Meeting Introduction and information from hosts Mark Bracken-Loughnane & Tracy Landsberg (feel free to read our bio in the member sect

Happy New Year! Are you going to start your property venture the right way in 2016?

Are you ready for the new year? I hope you have some serious property plans. I've been speaking to a number of readers over the past few days and they are keen to get their ducks in order for 2016. I've already advised on the purchase of several buy-to-let investments, one of which in particular was very lucrative. With a simple refurbishment the client should be able to withdraw £80k from the property in order to finance the next one, all within 8 months of completion. On another deal I agreed to sell the deal on to another client and both were happy with the end result. It was 20% BMV after all! Hoping to help more of you on the way to property success in 2016! Just a reminder - I'm giving the monthly lettings update tomorrow at Wimbledon PIN, so if you haven't already do sign up and come along. If you've never been before it's FREE! just register using the code xandermatthew at . It's a great opportunity to meet fellow