Friday 8 January 2016

Another property meeting in Southwest London!

As you may well know I am a regular at the Wimbledon Property Investor Network meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. I have been asked by a good friend of mine who is looking to invest in property whether it would be worthwhile hosting another meeting for those who live slightly further afield. My answer was of course a resounding yes! I know all too many readers who have over the years moved out of "the big smoke" and find it slightly trickier to meet up in (central-ish) London to network with fellow investors.

Always seizing the opportunity my good friend Mark Bracken-Loughnane has put together the Hampton & Kingston Property Society meeting on Monday 18 January. Great news for all those that would like to meet like-minded individuals in a sales-pitch free environment.

6:30 - 7pm Registration and networking.
7 - 7:15 Meeting Introduction and information from hosts Mark Bracken-Loughnane & Tracy Landsberg (feel free to read our bio in the member section of the meetup).
7 - 7:20 Property Developer / Investor specific Mortgage & Property Finance update from Theo Kemp of Link Capital UK. Theo is the managing director of Link Capital UK an independent, whole of market financial brokerage. Theo is also an active Property Investor in London. 
7:20 - 7:25 Property Developer / Investor specific Lettings Update from Jeroen Hoppe, a Lettings & Estate Agent owner in South West London for over 10 years. Jeroen is also an active property investor within the South West London area. 
7:25 - 7:30 Richard Thorpe of National Landlord Association is going to give the NLA take on recent government legislation changes. Richard is the NLA representative for the South West London area and an active South London property developer. 
7:30 - 7:50 Denise Naylor is going to talk through her journey as a London property investor since 1989 and how by combining creativity, integrity and forward planning, she has managed to survive and thrive through many changes and cycles. 
Denise Naylor also teaches Ethical Legal Cash Maximisation for personal and business success A British chartered accountant, international speaker, coach, consultant, author and property investor Denise has been helping people reach their financial and business goals for more than 30 years. Denise is also the founder of The Women in Property & Business Network 
7:50 - 8:00 Service providers announcement, a chance for all in the room to state why they are there, what they can offer and what they would like from the evening. 
8 - 8:15 Networking break
8:15 - 8:55pm Trevor Cutmore, a resident of Kingswood in Surrey is going to talk through how he went from working as a Chef to building his own property portfolio and his involvement in London property Developments. Trevor is passionate about the potential for the Hampton and Kingston area, very open to answering any questions / sharing of knowledge and keen to help everyone build up their connections within the area. Trevor also hosts a monthly property meeting in nearby Wimbledon. 
8:55 - 9pm Close, chance to give feedback and information about the next months meeting. 
9pm - Some extra networking in the bar area where the hosts may even buy you a drink :) 
You can also join the discussion on facebook: 

As always do drop me a line if you are looking for advice.

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