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I never wanted to run a business again!

Well not a "proper" one at least... I have my investment properties largely in a limited company, which I guess, is a business. One that gives me a semi-passive, recurring income without requiring a heap of my time. Well having taken over an existing management portfolio has been everything but passive. Daniel and I have been working very hard to sort out the problems the previous managing agent had left behind for us - just a brief overview of some of the problems we've dealt with in the last few weeks:

Tenants locked the WC door from the insideDripping tapRadiator not workingBroken washing machinesBlocked shower drains (and the tenants kept on showering causing flooding and collapsed ceilings below 😱)No internet because the previous utility company had cut it off rather than waiting for us to switch it over.
So why the sudden change? Well there's opportunity. Daniel and I have been great working together on our WeSourceLondon.Properties brand and we've sourced…

Busy with Management - in a good way!

A good month has gone by without a blog post; you can certainly tell I've been busy! Over the next week I'll release a few articles on my latest acquisitions, but thought I'd just release a brief overview to start with and then dive into a bit more details over the coming articles.
Acquisition of an existing management portfolio in Southwest LondonTaken on 2 more managed properties since the beginning of this monthTaken on a permanent office with staffTaken on 3 further units to manage on short-let basis So firstly about the brand - WeManageLondon.Properties - does what it says on the tin, really. Why the "."? well the name serves as a website address at the same time, so more for convenience.

The existing portfolio is a combination of managed properties for landlords who just want us to manage the tenancies for them and those that prefer a "guaranteed rent" solution, so invariably I will be letting by the room. The area lends itself very well to that b…