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The sneaky update the government didn't want you to know about!

For those of you who are keen, hands-on landlords you will no doubt be aware of the need to serve your tenants with a plethora of government approved bumf to make sure that you are acting in accordance with the law. These things include: Valid gas safety certificate EPC Deposit information leaflet Deposit protection Certificate Tenancy Agreement and of course the "How to Rent" booklet published by the government Now it's the last item on that list which is key today. It's of paramount importance that you serve THE MOST RECENT ONE at the time of you issuing the agreement. Failure to do so will cause lightning to strike and all manner of other things to happen, but most pertinently you will lose your right to serve a section 21 notice. Now when did these changes occur you ask? Well, the current published version at  indicates that the version is dated May 2019. However, since then there have been c

Property investing - easy way to make cash, right?

I've just put together another light-hearted "Day in the Life of" video on my youtube channel. Be sure to head over there and check it out, I'll tell you more about the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Property investing isn't just about counting the cash, you know! A very special thanks to my good friends James Gallagher, Daniel James Dennis, Christian Broere and Sam Hill for featuring in this video!  As always I'm happy to help you so do reach out via email . I love to help other investors old and new find their way in the myriad of strategies that are available. Are you looking for coaching, mentoring or simply after a sourced deal? Do check out my personal website to choose a package for you!