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September Clapham Property Meet - great success! Are you taking action and will I see you in Oct?

Thank you so much to all of you who came to join Trevor, Mike and myself at the inaugural Clapham Property Meet! As expected the meeting was very popular and judging from the feedback I've had the content was well-received and useful - don't forget to buy a sofa bed! There was an enormous amount of information - Mike Frisby showed us how he made tenfold the rent on one of his vanilla buy to let properties by scaling his serviced accommodation strategy; Trevor talked about using extensions as a high yielding investment and I talked about combining serviced accommodation with a buy to sell deal I did most recently in London. There was a very good response to the training weekend Trevor and I are hosting towards the end of November; limited spaces available - if you are interested in investing and want a good baseline knowledge then come and talk to me at the next Clapham Property meet or send me an email at: . We will be going into the

Meet with other investors at the Clapham Property Meet - Wednesday 28th October - are you taking action?


Brexit dust settles - or was there any dust to settle in the Clapham Property Market?

I have always been of the opinion that the market in London is quite different to the rest of the country. More resilient, driven with an unquenchable thirst for bricks and mortar from first time buyers and naturally a place where people live for convenience of travel. It's no wonder that new developments on the outskirts of Glasgow are still advertised with "only xxx minutes to London by train." Everybody measures that distance when moving out. When you factor in the 17 changes, potential for train delays and the tube trip, bus ride, and 20 minute march to one's office those times certainly add up. Decision made, let's stay in London for a bit longer. Location, location, location, it must be London then. This explains (partially at least) why the London property market is so strong. A vast factory always seeking worker bees - London offers a wide range of jobs for all levels. It's normal to work long hours, so cutting down the commute at the end of the