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Vlog - a day in the life of a Full-Time Investor

Not a day goes by without people saying that they would love to invest in property. Of course, I hear this all the time because property is what I eat, sleep and breathe regularly! Little do people know that being a full-time investors does come with its perils. I'm quite hands-on and I self-manage - admittedly because I've been doing this for over a decade it doesn't require a lot of time from my part, but sometimes I do have to jump in the car and see things with my own eyes.

This was no exception. I've put together a little video for your viewing pleasure to depict "A day in the life of..." A little bit light-hearted and gives some insight into the reflection I have to do with the information I receive from various sources... and yes, a lot of traffic!

Enjoy! Click the preview below or this link to start the video.

Remember if you are looking to step into property investment, be it part-time or full-time do reach out to me. Happy to help of course and assi…

Comparing returns on your investments - Savings, ISAs or property?

Wow it's been a whirlwind of a month. Those of you following me on LinkedIn and Facebook will no doubt have kept abreast of the various property meetings I've been going to. I've discussed at length people's strategies when it comes to getting good returns, and I must say that there is a very wide range of investments returns that people are happy with (all dependant on the risk involved).
One key thing that came up is that none of the people I spoke to considered the "rate of payback" on their investment. By and large all of them worked on the presumption that having assets was the most preferable strategy - this is why they came to talk to me in the first place, primarily because of my asset-heavy investment strategy. My desired period of holding a property is of course, forever!
Let's however consider a few things. I had mentioned in a previous post that there are various options when investing in property - it doesn't have to be by purchasing ass…