Monday 23 September 2019

Build to rent - can it be done in South London? Rohit Chopra does it with great success

On today's episode of the #DownToSouthLondon Podcast I interview Rohit Chopra. Rohit has been in property for longer than me and he has made a local success in Peckham! Coming from a retail background he moved over into property and over the years expanded his commercial and residential portfolio in South London. A truly inspiring story! I was lucky enough to be show around the development he currently has going on and I can say it's a very impressive build in terms of size, number of units and sheer work put in to it all. Rohit is a very humble man but don't let that fool you, his journey is one to learn from. Build to rent is his main strategy, see what you can pick up from his interview. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Show notes:

01:00 intro and Rohit's background
03:16 Transition from retail to property
05:30 How to decide what to build on the site
07:00 Where did you find the knowledge from to build?
09:12 Natural progression into bigger and better and the pitfall of too much too soon.
12:00 Overcoming (inevitable) hurdles with contractors
14:50 Rohit's top three lessons in property
18:50 Specialism vs drilling down into a niche
23:00 Risk vs speed
26:00 Focusing on longevity through property development and management
30:52 What's next?

If you're looking to get in touch with Rohit do drop him a line on

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