Friday 6 October 2017

Rental Property Version 2.0 and Fundraising Success! Peckham here we come!

You may have seen my recent posts on social media about fundraising for a new project. You'll be keen to know I've taken on another three acquisitions this month, all due to complete in the next 30 days!

These three properties are all going to be fabulous high-quality homes for the private rental sector. In fact I'm so confident that the product I'm offering is so in demand that I am raising the standard with these. I'd like to call it version 2.0. Simply put, I am offering a higher quality of finish.

Sadly my project at Camberwell was so closely planned that the tenants moved in moments after the builders had vacated; the earlier project in Deptford had a few weeks before the tenants moved in. Alas my excellent pre-completion marketing meant I had cut it too fine!

Nonetheless I did manage to take a few shots of the new and improved colour schemes, and I must admit I was very pleased with the result - as were the tenants!

I have included a CGI I had made before the builders set about their work and I must say there is a remarkable resemblance! Pardon the door, it still needed to be hung.

 As you can see the project has indeed come along a little bit in terms of decor. Hopefully more photographs soon when I go to inspect the snags that were reported.

More to the point: I am currently fundraising for the projects I have taken on. Earlier in the week I announced that I required £150,000 in order to complete the acquisition and refurbishment of the last of the three in the pipeline - I have already spoken to half a dozen investors and one has already already committed with another signing contracts tomorrow, a joint investment of £75,000. Halfway there. So my question is this: do you have savings in the bank earning you a paltry rate of interest? My development company, JXH Developments, pays private investors like you between 8-10% per annum for loans upwards of £20,000. Would you be interested in becoming a passive investor in my property projects? I would love to hear from you, so get in touch to start the conversation!

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