Thursday 30 April 2015

100k for the successful buyer – a little work required… Brixton SW2

Another day, another brilliant investment. It’s been a good week and I’ve answered over a dozen emails from excited investors picking my brain about the latest thoughts on the “Emerging Outer Prime” market I’ve identified. I had a few people say I don't talk about adding value enough. Stand back.

Here’s one however with a bit of a twist, and for a change it’s on with XanderMatthew! Naturally that leads one to believe I’d be biased and inflate figures to make it sound better than it is, but truthfully it’s such a brilliant buy as a do-er up-er I don’t need to.

Here it is:

Branksome Road SW2. A 3bed for 600k? meh. But what if I told you that it had planning permission for… wait for it… conversion into two units!

Yes. This could be an ideal opportunity for someone looking for a project they can do in their own time, or even a seasoned property developer. Appealing to a range of audiences this one won’t sit around for long. Buy it, live there, do the work over time as it’s perfectly habitable now and add value when you get around to it. Or, if you are  seasoned investor, get in, do work and resell straight away for a cool profit.

Have a look at the floor plan and compare this to the plans for the conversion.

Essentially there are a few half landings involved but try and follow me.
  • “Ground floor” will be the lower half of the new 2bed flat.
  • Kitchen becomes bedroom 2
  • WC to be removed to make way for new internal staircase (existing stairs to become communal to the top flat)
  • Bedroom in the middle to shrink 80cm to allow for staircase
  • Reception to incorporate open-plan living/kitchen
  • And that’s your two bed flat. Resale values are looking around the £475k plus with plenty of comparable evidence of recent sales at that sort of money: 2bed under offer @ 475k 1bed plus box room under offer @ 500k

Top flat
  • Carry out loft conversion with dormer.
  • Make the loft room the open plan kitchen/living
  • Existing back bedroom to stay where it is
  • Smaller bedroom to be converted to bathroom
  • Resale around 325k, one has gone under offer which is near enough identical: this one is for sale at £385k, perhaps optimistic given the square footage, but you never know…

so value probably somewhere in between the two first ones depending on the finish and final square footage.

“So what’s in it for me?” I hear you thinking… Well the owner has already had the plans drawn up, so no costs there. South London lofts has quoted (according to the vendor but I'm sure he can produce the quote for us) £40,000 to do the loft conversion on a “supply your own bathroom/kitchen materials” basis. So add in another 30k to allow for bathrooms, kitchens, general conversion work. 600k purchase price. 20k stamp duty. Add solicitor fees of £2k and you’re in for 622. Leave 70k to one side for works. That’s 692. Resales of 325 and 475 = 800 (probably more by the time the work is done bearing in mind the market is rising). Less a few fees of say £17500 to allow for agents’ and legal fees. You’re in for 692. You’re out for 782. That’s 90k. That's what's in it for you. Conservatively speaking of course.

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