Monday 21 September 2015

Want your property in Clapham sold? Price it with a 0 in mind...

No, don't sell it for naught, that would be daft. How often have you bought something at £3.99? £2.99? There's always a penny taken off the price to make it appear magically cheaper. Great marketing tactics for a tin of baked beans, a top, a pair of shoes, all good.

What about property?

If you are selling arguably your most expensive asset surely you'd want the best price? Is that the highest price? Maybe. But you certainly want the best target audience, and that would most certainly be the biggest audience.

Imagine this. You are selling a flat for £500,000. Most agents would market this at £499,950 or £499,995. To make it look cheaper. Wrong approach I say. Why? Well go to rightmove in your area and punch in that you are looking up to £499,950. You can't. You can go up to £500,000 though. And guess what shows up first. That's right! The flat at £500,000. Well the flats plural. There's a few. And like the second page of google nobody visits, the flats at 499,950 are on page 2. Which gets less hits. And less viewings. And less interest. And less offers... you see where this is going?

You want your property in people's faces when you are selling. And conversely if you are after a bargain... look at page 2 in your search results. Chances are there will be less eyes there than on page one!
Batman Slappp - £499,950?? Don't be silly

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