Monday 6 June 2016

Have you been actively investing in the last two months?

You will have remembered my blog post about my recent purchases ( A fellow investor had asked me when the last time was that I did a property deal myself as opposed to advised from the sidelines; I had to admit it had been a while.

Fear not, I can assure you that progress has been made and I thought I'd share the progress. Building works have been now completed, changing the layout from a boxy flat to a lovely open-plan living space in order to maximise the light. As a result the flat feels much brighter and bigger and would certainly appeal to a first time buyer or even a rental investor.

Here are the before and after pictures, judge for yourself:

So there you have it. Marketing has commenced. I had gone against fellow agents' advice and ordered them to price it lower than their expectations (I know that agents can be zealous with pricing to win business) in an attempt to get more people through the door as opposed to less. More buyers, more offers, higher offers is my thinking. My estimated return of 20% was actually estimated at 35-40% by fellow agents, so goes to show that working on cautious figures brings a welcome surprise!

If you are looking to get in to property investment and you need to know where to get started drop me a line on I advise a number of select clients in order for them to get the best from their investments. Whether you have 1, 10 or just starting out - drop me a line. I am looking for further mentees for the next property transaction, so if you want to get involved and make a better return on your money than the savings account it's in then get in touch. I can help you invest your money and get you the returns you want.

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