Friday 12 August 2016

Clapham Property Meet - are you ready to network with other Clapham property investors?

I've been asked a number of times when speaking at Wimbledon PIN why I wasn't working a bit closer to "home." Truth is there is no regular meet on the Northern line near Clapham. Thankfully there is now.

I have decided, together with fellow property investor Trevor Cutmore (who specialises in lease options), to host the Clapham Property Meet at the Jam Tree in Clapham Old Town. We will be delivering a content-filled evening on the last Wednesday of September (28th) in a relaxed, social environment. We felt that some of the meetings can feel a bit corporate, so we're trying to steer away from that. Naturally we will be hosting some very knowledgeable speakers and we will be talking about the latest in property investment. 

After listening to a number of my clients I've found there is a thirst for knowledge locally; hopefully a nice evening at the Jam Tree will somewhat quench that thirst. We can't cover everything in one night, but we will over the course of time cover various investment strategies that you can implement locally as well as further afield. We will be covering (in no particular order and not limited to) HMO, R2R, Buy to Let with cash recycling, Serviced Accommodation, and much more.

So do come along to The Jam Tree on Wednesday the 28th September. Networking (or socialising; networking can sound so business like) will start at around 6pm. Main event and speakers from 7pm and further socialising/networking from 8:30 onwards. It will be a great opportunity to see local investors in a social yet purposeful environment. If you are looking to expand your knowledge on property investment and rub shoulders with experienced investors this is certainly a meeting not to miss.

Book early to reserve a space as numbers are of course limited.

How to book for more details
you can book on the September meeting by clicking here. A quick registration process and hit the RSVP button.

6pm onwards Wednesday 28th September
The Jam Tree
13-19 Old Town

Remember if you are looking to expand your portfolio or get into property investing, be it full time to replace your income or you just have some spare money to invest and you want to do this as a worthwhile investment strategy instead of getting 1% interest in the bank then reach out to me on and let me tell you how to make the most from your assets.

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