Thursday 2 March 2017

Build to rent in Clapham?

Thank you all very much for joining us back at the Jam Tree for another great evening of networking and learning from true property professionals.

Martin Smedley gave us valuable insight into the world of commercial property finance, Trevor Cutmore updated us on the latest market trends and I told our guests more details on my projects and how to generate 20% returns in Zones 2 and 3 in London!

For next month we have Lloyd Girardi joining us and telling us about his Build to Rent strategy. You'll know I'm a very big fan of passive income so I hope that you can come enjoy his talk, I'm sure I will!

Lloyd Girardi & Andi Cooke started property investing through developments. In less than 3 years they have built up a portfolio of 42 properties using none of their own money. They have raised to date around £7m of joint venture finance and have done 100% funded developments AND after paying the investors off, they have maintained the properties as their portfolio generating a generous cashflow.

Lloyd & Andi use the increasingly popular strategy BUILD-TO-RENT. Having started in 2014, they have a proven model that they now share with you, giving you the mindset and knowledge to go and do this for yourself. They say that you should earn no less than £100,000 profit from your first deal!!! 

Lloyd & Andi share their story and strategy with you, they will show you how you can become a developer, raise 100% funding, maintain the properties and rapidly increase your portfolio. They will share their secrets in raising money through crowd funding for developments and show you that developments are easier than you think.

So... join us next time for an exciting meet. Book tickets now by joining the meetup group and getting your tickets today! Follow us @ClaphamPropertyMeet. See you on Tuesday 28th March at the Jam Tree Clapham!

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