Announcing Inside Property Investing LIVE 2017!

I'll be speaking at the Inside Property Investing Live 2017 event on 11th November. I'll be waving the flag for two very controversial strategies combined: investment in single lets in LONDON!

A lot of people from down South are swayed by the shiny penny that is the North. Not to belittle the genuine praise that the "Northern Powerhouse" deserves of course, but a lot of people (especially in the Southeast) seem to be swayed by media headlines, convinced that investing up North is the way to go.

But is it?

In my presentation I will highlight how investment in London has proven to be a profitable strategy for me, offering 20%+ return on my money and steady capital growth over the years.

Come and join me and other property professionals such as Nicole Bremner, Paul Higgs, John Corey, Martin Skinner, Tina Walsh, Dan Hulbert, Michael Dong and more as they are confirmed.


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Depford Project update 4th July 2017