#DownToSouthLondon - the new property podcast by Jeroen Hoppe

Another exciting month has gone by. I've worked on a few things this month, notably another episode for my "day in the life of..." series on my YouTube Channel - please check it out if you haven't already.

The other thing I've been working on is the #DownToSouthLondon podcast. I've been asked by many of my readers whether I'd be interested in recording one, so I went ahead and interviewed some close friends/colleagues to document what they're doing in an audio format. Stand by, more details to follow later this week once it hits the iTunes store!

As always I'm happy to help you so do reach out via email. I love to help other investors old and new find their way in the myriad of strategies that are available. Are you looking for coaching, mentoring or simply after a sourced deal? Do check out my personal website to choose a package for you!



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