Wednesday 2 November 2016

Is the end is nigh for bad landlords in Clapham!?

For those of you who managed to make it down to the Clapham Property Meet and heard my eviction talk you will know that there is plenty of regulation to comply with when renting out your property. Get caught out and it could spell disaster. Literally! If you do spell things wrong on a notice then it could mean the invalidity of an important move-out date that you sought, and/or whether a judge will throw out your request for possession, if it does get that far.

But what does all this regulation really mean for renters and landlords in Clapham? Well for starters it will increase barriers to entry. More regulation (or red tape as some people refer to this as) means that it is more difficult for the average man to just start letting out their property. They are made to comply with a myriad of safety checks, and should they not comply the penalties are severe. 

This is a good thing! The private rental sector has improved vastly over the last 50 years, what with the Protection From Eviction Act, Housing Act, and so on and so forth. There isn't a day that goes by without a newspaper reporting on yet another "beds in sheds" case where a landlord lets a property in an overcrowded state or doesn't comply with the various safety protocols that are in place for both single lets and houses in multiple occupation.

There is less and less room for bad landlords these days; one will have to comply and rent their property in a professional manner in order to get the best returns and rent to respectable tenants. Tenants that cut corners are a risk for the landlord I'm sure that you will agree. 

Legislation may not be completely obvious. It is very easy to find a tenant due to the vast demand of rental properties in London, but it is more difficult to comply with legislation and at the same time maximising your investment. Regulation costs money after all - the vast majority of professional tenants don't mind paying that little bit extra to a professional agent or landlord in order to "buy this safety" as it were. There are, of course, still landlords that cut corners, knowingly or unknowingly. For example from 2018 landlords will not be allowed to let out properties that have a Rating of E or better as I mentioned in a post some time ago:

More legislation that is not immediately obvious is the serving of the government "How to Rent" booklet. A lot of landlords are being caught out with this, because any tenancy that started after October 2015 will be subject to this legislation: if the booklet was not given to the tenant then the service of a Section 21 notice (notice for a landlord to end the tenancy) will not be valid. Can this be done retrospectively? Yes it can, but you can't serve a S21 notice until 6 months down the line.

Some say that "what you don't know won't hurt you" but I think ignorance is not bliss when it comes to renting out a property worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is a big risk not to be able to get possession just by not serving a pdf from the internet. Aforementioned are only some of the hidden rules of renting. I am a career property property professional and I have built portfolios for many clients. If you are interested in investing your money in the London property market then I can help you get the best returns whilst complying with all the relevant legislation so that you needn't worry about risking your capital. I offer a range of investment options such as portfolio building for high yield and maximum capital appreciation with hands-off management (armchair investing) or opportunities to invest your money into refurbishment projects for relatively quick returns on your capital. If you are interested in working with me do get in touch on or come down to the Clapham Property Meet and learn more about investing in the London property market.

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