Wednesday 1 February 2017

Are you adding value to your investments to get the best returns in Clapham?

Last night was definitely a great success - a packed room full of investors looking to advance their journey in property investment. We had Mike Holt deliver a fascinating talk on using your pension funds to invest in property, be it someone else's or even your own! Very good insight and some very good tax tips too.
Trevor Cutmore

Full House!

I discussed finding the best deals using traditional estate agents, but of course making the most of the tools available, whether sharp or not of course.

In other news – and this was discussed last night in more detail – prime central London sales  are down 21%. This is obviously down to stamp duty (as the pound has devalued you’d expect more foreign investment). This highlights a massive problem for investors in that they have to create value. Value add is the new investing. You can’t make any sort of returns by simply buying a buy to let and parking it and hoping for capital growth, this is simply a non-investment. More on that next time.

For next month we are hosting Martin Smedley, stay tuned for further details. Martin is a master broker and will tell us more about property finance.

If you are a landlord and/or investor looking to maximise your portfolio profits then get in touch. I offer a range of things from portfolio reviews to site visits to give practical advice tailored to your property. Start the conversation by email.

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