Wednesday 24 May 2017

Where to find the best deals - in Clapham?

A lot of regular readers ask me where I source my property investments from. The truth is I'm something of an expert in finding deals "in plain sight..."

In plain sight? You mean through agents?
Yes, often times the properties that are the most attractive are the ones that have been sitting around for ages. The agent has lost interest, the owner disheartened about achieving the once "very realistic price" the agent pitched the asking price at. So then it's time to get to work...! Rightmove and Zoopla are your friend!

There are many other methods of finding great investments though, and a lot of good systems exist in order to have sellers calling you! Believe it or not there are people out there that make this a business (called sourcing). They could be property investors in their own right, like myself, who don't want to take a particular property because it doesn't fit their strategy (maybe capital gain vs cash flow, who knows) and they sell on the deal to a fellow investor for a fee. Once it's packaged up in a nice little box with a ribbon around it another investor could "buy" the deal from you and you've earned a sourcing/packaging fee.

Can I do this?
So if you are a starting investor and don't have any capital as yet, perhaps too little experience to invest 6 digit sums confidently, you want to be sourcing investment deals for others that are too busy to look around for bargains. Their time is money after all and they'd happily pay a few thousand pounds to bag a bargain. They, after all, do have 6 figure sums sitting there waiting to be invested. If it sits there it's not earning a good return so they'd happily pay you to kick start the returns.

Direct to Vendor?
A lot of the systems are indeed direct to vendor. You market to owners of properties for sale that could represent opportunities for investors. You could leaflet all day if you wanted but there are much cleverer systems than that...

So how do you start?
Well I'd love to give you an overview of how these systems work and help you source better investments. Be it for yourself or whether you want to become a professional sourcer, this event should give you an overview on the systems used by professional property investors to find themselves really good deals.

FREE, just register online!
Just before this month's Clapham Property Meet we're going to hold an interactive talk to discuss these methods (D2V and through agents) of deal sourcing. A talk not to miss if you want to get underway in property investment. If you want to make sure that you get a spot BOOK ON HERE.
We would love for you to stay and join us for the actual Clapham Property Meet also. David Clouter, investor of 30+ years experience will be doing a talk on Property Cycles. How to spot a downturn and make sure you're investing in the right property at the right time! BOOK YOUR TICKET FOR THAT EVENT HERE.

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