Monday 17 July 2017

How to add value to your Buy To Let in Clapham Day 1 - Curb Appeal!

This morning I was rather inspired to do a little mini series on lettings. A lot of investors overlook the simple things when letting their property, so I thought I would offer some value to their investments with 30 tips in 30 days. Here goes!

Day 1 - Curb Appeal

I actually recorded a video LIVE to put myself on the spot to give you some added value on my thoughts. Watch the 4min video here: (go easy, it was filmed live!)

If you don't have time to watch the video just keep reading:

Often times curb appeal is overlooked. Landlord are often too focused on the bottom line and more often than not the inside is where the money is spent, not the outside. I think this is a missed opportunity. There will be times where the front of the property is very important - tenants are waiting around, they may look on Google Streetview to check it out beforehand and there will invariably be an external photo of the property on your agent's RightMove and Zoopla advert. Do you want to turn off would-be tenants before they walk through the door? No. Invest in curb appeal, if nothing else to get them in a good mood as they walk through the (freshly painted) front door. Curb appeal counts, it's part of the overall package. They will think that if you are scrimping on the exterior, "what else are you scrimping on?" 

A green front door works miracles - see video for example. Green is "GO" in marketing speak, so it sets the right tone straight away.

Windows are key - are they in good condition? Painted? Or falling to pieces? Be honest with yourself here... Even a window cleaner before viewings start could be a big lift to the exterior.

Fence? Falling down or neatly pointed, which would give the right impression? You know the answer, don't you!

So in a nutshell the next time you start marketing your property think about the curb appeal. Would you want to step in? Is the exterior inviting you to walk inside? Think like a would-be tenant and be honest!

As always, if you are keen to start investing, or start doing something a bit more interesting with your current portfolio... Start the conversation on email. I'd love to meet you in person of course at this month's Clapham Property Meet, so do come along. Click here for tickets and more info.

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