Monday 17 July 2023

Is Your Front Door Colour Putting Off South London Property Buyers?


You'd think it's an odd thing, that the colour of your front door will impact the overall price of your home, but... Property firm Nested commissioned a survey of 1,000 UK homebuyers and found that 94% admit that the colour of a front door has an impact on the overall appeal of a home’s external aesthetic.

What’s more, half of buyers said that door colour has some influence in their decision to either buy a home or look elsewhere.The plot thickens!


No surprise but grey is boring, and safe! 18% argued that it was their colour of choice. Other popular choices were black (18%), blue (16%), green (16%), and white (11%). The least popular door colour is brown (3%). Apparently an aesthetically appealing home commands a premium, with 41% of buyers admitting to paying more for a property that looked good. Alice Bullard, Managing Director at Nested, commented: “It’s strange to think that something so simple as the colour of a front door could sway someone’s decision to buy a home and the reality is that the door itself can be easily changed, but it’s the overall first impression it adds to that is of the utmost importance when looking to attract a buyer."

Buyers are in control

Especially in a market such as today's where buyers are stretched for affordability and they want "ready to move in to" properties having all the boxes ticked is a definite yes-yes as opposed to no-no, so if you're looking to sell then painting the front door is the least you should be prepared to do!

If you are looking to maximise the value of your home in today's market then stay tuned for more advice coming your way, from decluttering to staging the property for maximum results, I'll cover all these topics in the coming few weeks.

Personally I'm not sure that colour itself is off-putting, it can certainly be a statement and if done correctly with complimenting colours any colour could work, as long as it's fresh! In summary I do think correlation, not causation! If you're looking for a quick online valuation then check out my online valuation tool or drop me a line and have me over for an in-person valuation if you're looking to sell or let.

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