Wednesday 5 July 2023

Time to RUN for South London Landlords?



A new survey has found that only 1 in 10 landlords in Clapham are currently planning to expand their portfolios. The survey, which was conducted by the Deposit Protection Service, found that the majority of landlords who do intend to buy another investment property are looking to do so within the next two years. The survey's findings come as a surprise to some, as Clapham is a popular area for landlords due to its high rental yields. However, the survey's authors believe that the current economic climate is playing a role in landlords' decision-making.

"The economic pressures that are affecting most sectors will inevitably also influence the strategies of buy-to-let property owners too," said Matt Trevett, Managing Director at The DPS. "Although it's interesting to note that most landlords who intend to increase their portfolios are considering doing so over the next two years."

The survey also found that landlords in Clapham who are looking to buy another investment property are increasingly considering buying in different areas. This is likely due to the rising cost of property in Clapham, which has made it more difficult for landlords to find affordable investment properties in the area. "Financial pressures on landlords may mean they look further afield to buy property to suit their own budgets and to find the best rental yields," said Paul Fryers, Managing Director at Zephyr Homeloans. "Although our buy-to-let customers invest in properties all over the UK, we have seen particularly high activity recently across East Anglia, the North West, the South East as well as Yorkshire and the Humber."

The survey's findings suggest that Clapham landlords are hesitant to expand their portfolios in the current economic climate. However, the survey also found that many landlords are still looking to buy another investment property in the next two years. It remains to be seen whether the economic climate will improve enough to encourage more landlords in Clapham to expand their portfolios in the near future.

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